New Haven- For the past 10 years the City Clerk’s office has been the best kept secret in New Haven. Since the office is one of only 3 elected positions in the City, the office being the best kept secret in New Haven should never be the case.

After serving 10 years on the Board of Alderman, now is the time to step up and move up to a position that needs the leadership I can bring. I bring a broad perspective on how City Government can work at its best, with my work with the National League of Cities(NLC) and the National Association of Latino Elected Officials(NALEO).

My vision for the City Clerk’s office is to make it the point of entry for your interactions with City Government. When I take office, your City Government experience will start with the City Clerk’s office. I am committed to changing the City Clerk’s position to one that engages the community, works in partnership with other branches of City Government and plays a leading role in educating our youth and citizens about civic involvement. The city deserves the best in terms of leadership in the City Clerk’s position that I will bring.

I plan on elevating the position to one where people know who their City Clerk is, not a position that is the best kept secret in the city.


For More information Contact
Ben Young, Campaign Manager

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Thursday April 18th, 2013 17:46 Sergio Rodriguez City Clerk 2013

19 150x150 Sergio Rodriguez City Clerk 2013Well it’s official! We have announced my candidacy for the position of City Clerk, City of New Haven. I couldn’t be more excited about having the opportunity to help the citizens of New Haven in an even greater way! We had our kickoff at The Greek Olive and it was a well attended and exciting event! Thanks so much to those of you there, the “Buzz” has been terrific! I want to thank specifically the local dignitaries who took time to visit with me or even speak on my behalf.


Some of those attending/speaking were State Representative Juan Candelaria 21 150x150 Sergio Rodriguez City Clerk 2013(Deputy Majority Leader – Serving the 95th Assembly District – New Haven and Chair Black and Latino Caucus of the Conecticut General Assembly) (thanks again Juan!).


From New Haven Alderman Ernie Santiago (15th Ward), former President of the Board of Alderman Tomas Reyes, former Alderman Kevin Diaz, previous Ward 26 co-chair Darrell Brooks, former Alderman 2 150x150 Sergio Rodriguez City Clerk 2013 Don Dimenstein, Executive Director and CEO of Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) Jim Finley and Claire Criscuolo, owner Claire’s Corner Copia restaurant. From the surrounding community attending were, Community Liaison for Richard Blumenthal Joe Rodriguez, 17 150x150 Sergio Rodriguez City Clerk 2013from the State of Connecticut Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission (LPRAC) Executive Board Chairman Isaias T. Diaz, Esq, East Haven Mayoral Candidate Jack Stacey, and Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven CEO Sydney Perry. I am so appreciative of the wide support I am receiving so early in my campaign.

I take your support seriously and promise I will make you very proud once I am New Haven’s City Clerk.


5 150x150 Sergio Rodriguez City Clerk 2013

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Tuesday April 2nd, 2013 13:39 Special Announcement Coming Up…

I am having a special announcement this coming Thursday as a follow-up to formally filing for City Clerk, New Haven. Here’s the article regarding my filing as a candidate. We hope to see you this Thursday at The Greek Olive at 6:00 pm for some special news. Read the Independent article of my filing here…

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